• Native Android programming

      Title: Native Android programming

      Topic: Android development

      Category Level: Basic exercise

      Degree weight: 5

      Materials: Eclipse, Android SDK, Android emulator

      Augmented Reality Interface: N

      Remote Lab: N

      Short description: The goal of this exercise is to learn the concepts of native development in Android using Java Native Interface (JNI) and Android NDK. The goal of the exercise is to integrate a 3rd party native library written in C which is used to communicate with a server securely. The application should allow input of any text data into a text field. On user request, this data is transferred via JNI to native code, where an appropriate function of 3rd party library is invoked. Once the server responds, the library calls a previously registered callback function. This function should in turn invoke an appropriate Java method from a Java class using lookup in JNI. Once Java method is invoked, UI application should show a toast to indicate the return code of the operation (success or failure).

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