• Project: CPU Design

      Title: Project: CPU Design

      Topic: Digital System Design

      Category Level: Project solution

      Degree weight: 5

      Materials: Alphanumeric LCD, LEDs, Input switches, Input buttons, VHDL, Xilinx ISE, XilinxIsim

      Augmented Reality Interface: Y

      Remote Lab: Y

      Short description: In this exercise-project, students will put into practice everything their learned in until. Their task will be to design a universal computation structure – a processor. This processor is simple and not comparable to the modern processors, it will contain the most fundamental parts as any today’s processor – arithmetic unit, control unit, registers and memory access. It will support arithmetic instructions, jumps and memory access instructions. By designing this processor, students will not only learn the principles of processor architecture, but also apply knowledge from the whole course into creating a very useful system. And last but not least, students will be able to program their own processor!

    Problem Set: Computation StructuresThe blinking LED