• Problem Set: Car Turn Signals

      Title: Problem Set: Car Turn Signals

      Topic: Digital System Design

      Category Level: Problem solving

      Degree weight: 3

      Materials: LEDs, Input switches, Input buttons, VHDL, Xilinx ISE, Xilinx Isim

      Augmented Reality Interface: Y

      Remote Lab: Y

      Short description: In this exercise, students will design and implement a system for control of car turn signals using finite state machines. The system will control LEDs and simulate the real turn signals – three LEDs for turning left and three LEDs for turning right. Special hazard input tells the system a car is in an unexpected condition and the system blinks all six LEDs to notify about this condition. While working through this exercise students will not only implement the finite state machine as a digital system, but also modify its transition function to achieve desired system behaviour.

    Finite State MachinesComplex Digital Systems